Here you buy a Zazulê made especially for you. First of all, choose a size and buy a blank tile, so later we can print your photo.

If you have questions about the process, click here.


Step by step to your customized Zazulê

1 – Choose a picture you consider special.

It can be a photo of your family, your pets… the choice is yours.


2- Choose the size of your tile.

IMPORTANT: If your photo is rectangular, for example, the best to choose is a rectangular tile.

We also recommend that you choose a picture with good resolution to ensure a beautiful print.

If you zoom the photo and it gets pixelated, for instance, it indicates the picture doesn’t have a good resolution. Using a picture which comes directly from your mobile phone or camera is a good tip, because the ones saved from social medias usually lose quality.


3 – Choose your accessories

Besides the tile, we also provide different accessories for you to have some options of using the object. We have:

  • Brackets for Portraits

  • Racks

  • Basis of cork

  • Frames (only for 15x15cm and 15x20cm sizes)


4 – Finish your purchase.

After choosing the number of tiles you want to buy and all the accessories, finish your purchase. It’s good to remember that if you want to buy 10 or more tiles, you should contact us by, so that we can offer special payment conditions. =)


5 – Pay attention in your email.

A few moments after your purchase, you are going to receive a confirmation email. In this message, it will be the request number. This is really important, because through it we will print your tile.


6 – Send us your Picture and the request number.

Send us an email to . The subject of the email has to be your own request number, which you will copy from the email we sent you. Besides that, attach the pictures that are going to be print in your tiles. All the data is already going to be with us.  


7 – Wait for the confirmation and receive your personalized Zazulê!

Once your email with the pictures and request number arrives to us, we are going to confirm the receipt. At this point, you just have to wait for it as early as five working days, and then you can show the world your personalized Zazulê!

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